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Request NAB Data

Researchers and other interested parties may inquire about obtaining NAB data by completing the form below and providing the required accompanying materials. The NAB database has data in excel format from 2003 to the present. All requests will be reviewed according to the process outlined in the NAB Data Release Information, found here.

All communications regarding the submitted data request will be sent to the PI email address provided below. If provided, a secondary email address will also be included on data request communications.

Contact & Project Information

Requested Data Details

9. Enter the dates for which you are requesting data. Requests for data from future dates will be denied.

10. Select all stations from which you are requesting data. Active stations are marked with an asterisk (*).




United States of America

Supporting Documents

11. Upload PDFs of the items listed below:


By submitting a request to utilize NAB Data, I understand that AAAAI may choose to approve, partially approve, or decline my request. If my request is approved in part or full, I agree that: